Day One, A Trip to Puerto Rico

Writer’s Note: This is a personal blog that I will post throughout my trip on the events that happen and particular things. It is a journal and therefore has not been edited, but is a way to record details and thoughts I have. I hope you enjoy, and love travel as well.

SAN JUAN – Thursdays at Will Roger World Airport are not busy to say the least, but “early Eriech” is always way ahead of schedule and had well over an hour of free time before my flight left for Baltimore.

The Southwest flight was full, but airlines are having to cram more and more people on the flights since the Boeing 737 Max was grounded, a flight attendant told me. It was not that bad.

We landed in Baltimore and had a bit of a delay leaving due to the airplane arriving late. Despite being in the B group, I was able to grab an aisle seat next to a friendly couple. We chatted about our trip and then I got to reading. I was able to finish an entire book on the plane.

If you are looking for a great read about the private-run prison systems in America turn to American Prison by Shane Bauer. It pulled me in and took me on the journey as he talked about his four months as a security guard at the Winn Prison in Louisiana. A prison in Oklahoma even made it into the book.

We landed at 9:40 p.m. and quickly debarked the plane which was full again. I got my luggage and contacted Melina Pérez to come pick me up. It was so good to see a great friend who I have not seen in a long time.

She drove me to my Airbnb on Tapia street, which is rather fitting due to my last name. Neither of us had noticed that when we booked it. This is also my first Airbnb, so we shall see how it goes.

Tapia Street

After dropping my stuff off, I had not eaten since noon and we headed over to El Tripletón, a food truck that serves the tripleta sandwich. This a famous Puerto Rican three meat sandwich most commonly served at food trucks. It was pretty good but was too much food.

It was nearly midnight before I went to bed, but the room was nice and comfortable. I was well pleased on this first night of using an Airbnb.

Day One

I set my alarm for 6 a.m., which is a little later than normal for me. We are in Atlantic Standard Time here in Puerto Rico. However, my phone messed up on the time and I was an hour ahead of local time. Needless to say when I got to the breakfast place at what I thought was 7 a.m. the owner looked at me like I was crazy for showing up an hour early. He was nice and gave me some coffee to tied me over before they opened.

I had a wonderful goat cheese omelet with an interesting wheat toast. It was more like a small loaf of bread that had been smashed and put on the griddle to be heated. It was good but different.

This morning Pérez is in a class meeting, so I will reconnect with her later. She is my quasi tour guide.

A bougainvillea in bloom. They are more like trees here in Puerto Rico, compared to the small hanging baskets in Oklahoma.

Afterward, I walked the streets for a little bit and then went for a 5K. It is a little more humid in Puerto Rico than Oklahoma, but luckily, I was not the only one sweating buckets. The island is beautiful with bougainvillea blooming everywhere along with orchids. I am plant person and enjoy seeing new ones as well.

Now I am sitting at a small café drinking a Perrier with lime, so I am doing well and have a whole island to see. The next stop is stop is in the southwest part of the island.

Nothing beats an ice cold class of Perrier with lime.


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