Journal Day Seven and Eight, a Trip to the Northeast

Monday, August 5

HARTFORD, CONN – The driving portion of our trip is almost over as today is the last major day before we head into Providence, Rhode Island. I am getting weary of driving every day.

We did not spend too much time in the city as there was not too much to see. Instead, we decided to drive into Providence, Rhode Island.

I expected a longer drive but going straight there was only an hour and a half, so we took a side trip to see one of the three remaining covered bridges in Connecticut.

Located about 30-minutes away it was a nice scenic drive through the country side to the Old Comstock Bridge on the Salmon River. It was peaceful there listening to the river while an angler fly fished.

We took a gravel riverside road back to the main highway and were back on our way to see New London which is located on the coastline and has been a maritime town for its history. It also hosts a naval submarine base.

The downtown area looked half dead while certain businesses were doing well.

We stopped at the Muddy Waters Café for lunch. They had an excellent BLT and chicken pesto sandwich. The best part was the lemon bar for dessert.

Afterward, we headed off to the submarine museum and looked around there. At the museum was the USS Nautilus which was in commission from 1945 to 1980.

I could not imagine living in a tube for months on end in the middle of the ocean. There was barley any room to maneuver yourself. In addition, the technology was outdated. I asked myself why we still needed manned submarines with the advent of drone technology.

I would suggest stopping there to see how the technology of the submarine has changed over its history from a small one man capsule to the massive machines they are today.

We arrived in Providence in the early afternoon and I let Leroy have a nap while I went to exercise. It is important to refresh during longer trips.

We decided to make reservations for what would be our favorite restaurant of the entire trip at Joe Marzilli’s Old Canteen on the historic Federal Hill.

Besides the place being very busy for a Monday night our waiter Rick took great care of us in the 50s pink room. Everything from the napkins, table cloths and wall paint were pink.

Our eyes were larger than our stomachs as we ordered some great stuffed artichoke hearts, along with our dinner of two veal picattas and salads. Then to wash it all down a cannoli and coffee. This was on top of two drinks each.

Joe Marzilli’s Old Canteen on the historic Federal Hill

I was expecting at least a $200 bill or more, but it was only a $105.85 which blew my mind. For such great food and for how much we got it was well worth it.

We had to waddle back to our hotel room because we ate so much. Tomorrow marks the last full day of our trip.

Tuesday, August 6

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – It was a slow morning for Leroy, but we were soon off after eating breakfast to Newport, Rhode Island to see the impressive mansions and coastline.

It was a short 50-minute drive there but once we got there is was very busy. The island is home to The Breakers, which is a mansion built in 1985 for the Vanderbilt family.

We did not spend any time in the mansions but opted to drive along the coastline to see the ocean and those outside on this cloudy and cool day. We even stopped at a small park to just walk around.

After our leisurely drive we stopped for coffee at Empire Tea & Coffee. We also decided to take a quick peak inside the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

International Tennis Hall of Fame

If you are into shopping and have lots of money, then this island is the place to go. Outside of that is just a beautiful island.

Since it was our last day, we decided to take it easier. Vacations are supposed to be fun-filled and relaxing. Since I start at the University of Oklahoma next week I need to be at 200 percent.

Leroy took a nap while I walked to some downtown bookstores and other shops. I did not find anything but the normal run of the mill books and printed paintings. I prefer to find books on the regional topics or original artwork.

I could never force myself to pay $50 for a printed piece of paper with somebody’s duplicated artwork.

After walking around, I went back to the hotel, went for an exercise and then got ready for dinner. I would not suggest staying at the Omni Hotel here in downtown providence. They even charge for water in the gym. Plus, there is a mold problem here.

The first Baptist Church in the United States. It was under renovations during our trip along with several other buildings in the area.

On our way to dinner we saw the first ever Baptist church in the United States and took a look around Brown University. We ate at Waterman Grille, which was good but nothing special outside of it overlooking Seekonk River.

It was an early night back to the hotel where I got some reading. Tomorrow we fly back to our own beds and normal routine. I have enjoyed the trip and am ready to start planning the next trip.


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